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​​The Psycho-Oncology Centre is a research unit specializing in the study of the psychosocial aspects associated with paediatric diseases, and with cancer in particular. Created in 2012, the laboratory is located at CHU Sainte-Justine and is affiliated with the Université de Montréal (Quebec, Canada). The laboratory is directed by Serge Sultan and comprises researchers, clinician-researchers, Ph.D. students, and trainees.

  • Accompany all individuals facing the challenges posed by the illness and its treatments to promote long-term rehabilitation.

  • Understand caregiver-patient relationships and the caregivers' personal experiences to create a strong and supportive environment so as to better meet the needs of the sick child.

  • Partake in the children's growth and the harmony within their families. 



  • Better understand the vulnerability and resilience factors in individuals and families facing chronic paediatric illness. 

  • Develop interventions to improve the quality of life of all those who are in contact with the disease: children, families, caregivers. 



  • Discover what's new in the laboratory!


  • Read a few general public summaries of our latest studies.


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